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Thread: Welding 4140 tube to 4140 block

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    Default Welding 4140 tube to 4140 block

    Hello, 1st post, we are making a major effort to upgrade a product prototype to production.

    Welding Supplies and questions

    Trying to improve the Strength and looks of our welds
    Parts have been 4140 tube and 1018 block
    Now they are both 4140 Annealed
    Have been running 180 AMPs to weld fast and small

    Equipment on hand
    Miller Synchowave 200 Welder
    Negative electrode
    Aragon Gas
    I have 1/16”, 3/32” and 1/8” collets; 3/8”, 7/16” and ½” gas cups
    I have been using the 3/32” 2% Thoriated (EWTh-2) Tungsten with a sharp point
    Rod that I have on hand is RG45 1/16” and 1/8”
    I use a dedicated 6” grinder for tungsten grinding with an Aluminum Oxide wheel (2) coarse and medium grit

    I can pre-heat to 400Ί but I don’t want to heat to 1200Ί afterwards, I don’t want the surface oxidation that results.
    I have been burying the welded part in sand to cool slowly as soon as I finish the weld.

    Weld needs to be as small as possible but strong

    What rod?
    What Tungsten?
    Amp Range?
    What grinding wheel

    Thank you

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    4140 tube belongs to alloy tube, so for the alloy tube welding, normally widely used the electro welding, jus the wall thickness is less than 4 mm and can use the gas welding.
    pipe welding (erw steel pipe)

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